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Our Story

A fully Irish-owned family business

Emerald Oak is a family-run business, established in 2020 and based in Co. Monaghan, Ireland. We design and manufacture bespoke oak frames, ranging from standalone buildings to outdoor garden structures and house extensions. Our signature framing material is oak. We use traditional methods to manufacture the oak frames and take pride in creating buildings of unique design and exceptional quality.

Feature oak trusses in living room
Oak frame roof structure

Expertly handcrafted products

All of the oak frames manufactured by Emerald Oak are handcrafted and joined using traditional mortise and tenon joints, and secured using dried oak pegs.


Oak frames are known for their beauty, versatility and strength.

Design Service

Bespoke designs created for you

All Emerald Oak designs are bespoke, created by our talented design team to meet your individual requirements. This enables us to approach each project with individuality and flexibility.

At Emerald Oak, we strive to design buildings that are beautiful, sustainable and exciting. We use 3D modelling software to help you visualise your oak frame building

Emerald Oak Design Service
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