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Oak Frame Porches & Canopies

An oak frame porch or canopy provides the perfect entrance to any house, not only providing shelter but also enhancing the architectural interest of the building. There are many different design options for an Emerald Oak porch or canopy. All of our designs are uniquely tailored to the client's requirements, taste and budget.

Creating a beautiful oak frame porch or canopy starts with an exceptional design. Visiting and evaluating the site, and understanding your ideas and aspirations, are essential parts of the design process. Our in-house design team at Emerald Oak create 3D conceptual drawings to help you imagine how the oak frame will look on your site. Our team will use these drawings to work with you to finalise a design that best suits your requirements and budget. We are also happy to work with your architect in finalising designs and ensuring that our design fits in with what they are designing for you.

Examples Of Our Oak Frame Porches & Canopies

Oak frame canopy over front door
Oak frame porch at front of house
handcrafted oak framed porch
Oak Canopy in black and white
Oak frame canopy over front door
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