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sun shining through leaves of oak tree

The use of green oak as a material for framing is a tried-and-tested, extremely adaptable, centuries-old building technique, which is growing in popularity across the world. Known for its beauty, versatility and strength, oak has the ability to sit with ease both visually and structurally within traditional and modern contexts.

Why Oak

oak tree in early morning mist


The green oak frame typically forms the main structural element of the building or extension. Due to its strength, the use of an oak frame presents many opportunities in terms of design. The oak frame eliminates the need for internal load-bearing walls. This opens up the internal structure and allows for more expansive interior spaces.


Green oak is a carbon-neutral building material. All of the oak used by Emerald Oak is sourced from sustainably managed forests. Each tree that is cut down is replaced by a newly planted sapling. Oak offers a sustainable alternative to conventional steel and concrete construction.

person holding oak sapling
oak tree with signpost

Efficient Building

Since we manufacture all our oak frames in our workshop in Monaghan, we spend much less time on site. This means that when the time comes for us to go on site, the oak frame is erected much more quickly and with less site disturbance and reduced emissions compared to conventional bricks and mortar construction projects.

Moisture Content & Shrinkage

We use freshly cut green oak, as it is easier to shape and cut than dried oak. The moisture content of green oak can vary from 30% to 80%. When air-dried, the drying time for oak is approximately one inch per year, on average. Due to the large cross-section of the oak timbers used by Emerald Oak, our oak frames take many years to dry. This drying out process causes shrinkage in the frame. However, all our oak frames have been designed and manufactured to accommodate this shrinkage. Furthermore, the shrinkage “shakes” add character to the oak frame and improve its appearance over time.

Oak tree with sun shining through leaves


When it comes to support beams, there are very few woods  that can compare to oak. Oak is strong, moisture-resistant and very durable. There are many examples worldwide of oak frame buildings that were built hundreds of years ago and are still standing strong today. Oak is ideal for use in building frames, as it is strong and also resistant to rot, decay and pests, such as insect and fungal attack. It is therefore virtually maintenance-free.

Elegance & Versatility

Oak structures seamlessly blend timeless elegance with unmatched versatility. At Emerald Oak, we take pride in creating structures that not only stand the test of time but are also beautiful to look at. The inherent versatility of oak allows us to create structures that effortlessly harmonize with any environment.

Image by Juan Gomez
Image by Tina Xinia

Environmental Credentials

Oak is a sustainable and energy-efficient building material. The process of harvesting, preparing and transporting oak uses less energy compared to the manufacture and transportation of other building materials. Oak is a natural insulator and is non-toxic. At Emerald Oak, we source oak from sustainably managed forests where more trees are planted than taken away.

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